Benefits of Willa's Skin Exfoliator

Exfoliating your skin is a must, however, many of the skincare products on the market contain harmful microbeads. These microbeads are one of the leading environmental concerns right now because they are polluting our water from runoff. Instead of using these potentially harmful plastic beads to exfoliate your skin, try using jojoba beads, which are a safer alternative.

Here at willa, we strive to manufacture safer and healthier skincare and cosmetic products because we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your future health to look great. Let the experts here at willa fill you in on the danger microbeads may present and why jojoba beads are a better alternative.

Microbeads: A Dangerous Exfoliator

The microbeads found in many skin exfoliators may look lovely, but they can present dangerous effects on the environment. Once you wash your skin exfoliator off, the microbeads that cleaned out your pores are washed down the drain. Because wastewater is not able to filter out these tiny beads, the microbeads sometimes get washed out with the runoff.

Eventually, this takes the microbeads to our oceans, lakes, and drinking water sources. This is known as plastic particle water pollution and it has been a major contributor to such environmental crises, including the Great Pacific garbage patch.

In addition to the environmental impact, animals that eat the plastic beads are unable to digest them. If we consume these creatures, like shrimp and mussels, we too will not be able to digest the beads. Luckily, there are many products that contain biodegradable microbeads, like the jojoba bead.

Jojoba Beads: A Safer Alternative

Jojoba beads have become a popular alternative to microbeads because they are biodegradable and are equally as effective at exfoliating your skin.

Unlike their plastic counterpart, jojoba beads are made from jojoba oil, which comes from the seeds of the jojoba plant. These beads are smoother than plastic microbeads which could mean they are better for your skin as well.

With many states passing microbead bans, like Illinois, New Jersey and California, jojoba beads are becoming more popular in skincare and cosmetic products across the nation. Help the environment and exfoliate with jojoba beads rather than microbeads.

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