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welcome to willa

A few months after my daughter willa was born, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I was only 29 years old.

Every dermatologist I saw told me the damage I was seeing was a direct result of sun exposure from my youth. (Some even say up to 80% of damage happens by the age of 18.) Today, I'm healthy, but I made it my mission to protect the skin of everyone I love.

Our solution? willa and I decided to create what we couldn't find: a collection of healthy beauty formulas for young women and girls that addressed their needs (and Instagram feeds). When Henri Bendel and Target called, we knew we had something unique.

Today, willa is not only a trusted line of skincare formulas for young women, but an opportunity to earn real money plus learn real-world skills and financial literacy all at once. We are the first direct-selling brand to empower girls as young as 13 to partner with a parent and develop their own businesses. We're fortunate to have many types of willa Consultants, including mother-daughter teams and individuals, who are all passionate about sharing willa's mission and clean, confident beauty. We welcome you to learn more about the Consultant opportunity too.

Because we know when women feel confident in their skin, their futures flourish.

founder + ceo

This is about taking a chance on yourself

to change the definition of beauty

and change your future while doing it.


P.S. Let's do this.

our product promise

high standards + healthy ingredients = happy skin.

We promise…

To be PICKY and formulate high-performing products with smart ingredients

To PUSH ourselves to develop products that are better than before (it’s an evolution)

To be EDUCATED and work with experts, including top labs, chemists, and renowned make-up artist Matin

Maulawizada, to continually improve our formulas so they are as smart, effective and healthy as they can be

To EDUCATE our customer – to tell you about what goes in our products and why.

Our products are free of sulfates, DEA, parabens and phthalates (ew, hormone

disruptors) and we never test on animals. Manufactured with love in the USA!