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spf 30 tinted face protection face the day
face the day

spf 30 tinted protection

1 fl. oz.

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A lightweight, oil-free natural SPF 30 formulated with just enough tint to camouflage super white Zinc – nature’s most powerful defender against the sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays. Anti-oxidant green tea fights free radicals as natural moisturizers keep skin feeling soft and healthy. With such silky-smooth and flawless absorption, you’ll reach for this SPF 30 every day, rain or shine. Face the Day is genius!

No junk in our trunk:

  • Paraben and sulfate free
  • DEA and phthalate free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made lovingly in the USA


  1. willa

    Our Face the DAy SPF is meant to provide a universal tint but it doesn’t seem to work well for the darkest skin tones. So we will be adding different tints in the coming year.xo

  2. Tathyana Pamphile

    My friend always talks about this..SHE LOVES IT.but is it good for darker skintones, because it has a tint to it?

  3. Lauren Sacco

    This is my favorite thing from willa right now! I used to hate putting on sunscreen because it would leave a white cast on my face but now its my favorite thing to do! its super light weight and it has the slight tint so it won’t leave your face all white! I love the way it just glide right on!! I recommend to all!

  4. Maggie

    I love this tinted SPF it has light invisible glowy coverage. PS I love the acne pen

  5. willa

    Hey Cynthia! Hope you’re loving this! We make this product to be sensitive enough for your face and neck, but it can be used on your body if you want to. xoxox

  6. Cynthia

    Hi! I just ordered this product and am so excited to try it! I’ve heard only good things:)
    So, I have a question. Is this product just for your face and neck, or can you use it for your whole body?
    Thanks! ps I <3 your cucumber masks!

  7. willa

    Hey! Face the Day is definitely NOT foundation or makeup! We put a slight tint in it to offset the whiteness of the natural ingredients we use. Both you and your mom will love it if you try it, but if not, we are happy to do a refund xoxo

  8. caroline

    I really want this product but my mom says that is makeup because she thinks it’s foundation. I am twelve years old do you think it’s ok for me to use this?

  9. willa

    We agree. Face the Day is the best product for both protecting your skin and looking good doing it. THANK YOU!!XOXO

  10. Kaileigh

    This is one of my FAVORITE willa products! It is so unique you could never find a product like it! It is just so silky on you skin and just to think this is also protecting your skin is just a plus!

  11. Klara

    I absolutely LOVE this product!! I love the way it is smooth and isn’t oily but also adds a little color to your face which is great in the winter, this product is a must have!!

  12. ray ban aviator femme

    willa natural skincare for girls | face the day SPF 30 tinted face protection

  13. willa

    Yes willa products REALLY work aside from feeling great. To answer your questions:
    1. Boys can use this brand if they can get over the purple packaging
    2. We don’t sell in stores and are only available online at and through our willagirl ambassadors
    3. willa parties work by willagirls or their friends hosting parties where their friends can learn about willa, sample products and if they want purchase the products. willagirls have their own businesses and earn rewards (income and free willa products) by helping their friends with healthy skincare solutions. We are just beginning to roll the program out nationally and should be across the country by the fall…

  14. willa

    It’s Willa’s favorite product too…who knew sunscreen could actually make you look and feel better.xo

  15. Izzy

    I love this product so much. I never like to put on sunscreen because of the way it smells and feels all oily and gross on my skin. Face the day is so great because right as you put it on it doesn’t feel like sunscreen it feels like… I don’t know, but definitely not sunscreen. I love the way it adds a little color to my face and how it feels so silky and smooth on my skin. A must have!

  16. cheap-eva clutch louis vuitton

    I am genuinely delighted to read this website posts which willa natural skincare for girls | face the day SPF 30 tinted face protection contains plenty of helpful facts, thanks for providing these statistics.

  17. Amy

    I really want one of your products because I hear all the time that they work really well and I have a couple of questions
    1. Can boys use this brand
    2. What stores can you buy this from
    3. How does a Willa party work
    I hope you can answer

  18. willa

    Our willa Face Friendly Clear Moisturizer and Face the Day SPF 30 are part of a 3 step regime you should use every morning: Cleanse, Hydrate, Protect (your skin). At the end of the day, just drop the SPF30 and substitute with our Take Action acne spot treatment if you have any breakouts that need some TLC…Hope that explains things and stay in touch.xo

  19. Katie

    Hi Willa, I do not have any of your products yet but I was wanting to get some of them and I was wondering if I could use the face friendly clear moisturizer as well as the face the day spf 30 tinted protection on the same day. Is it okay to use them both on the same day back-to-back, or should I not use the moisturizer and only use the tinted face protection?

  20. willa

    YES Face the Day is genius, amazing and makes all skin look better.xo

  21. Emily

    This is amazing it tints my face so I can hide all my ugly little pimple friends and moistourize at the same time!

  22. willa

    I’m not great on my French yet, but I’m pretty sure this translates to: “I’m surprised more people have not commented on here because it’s a great job”?
    We are actually getting a ton of comments, and I am trying to answer them all! (I just haven’t gotten through all of them yet)
    But thank you!

  23. Israel Jarman

    Je suis surpris davantage de personnes n’ont pas commenté ici parce que c’est un excellent travail

  24. willa

    Hi Gigi
    We are SO happy you love our SPF. It is amazing and took the longest of all our products to develop because we knew girls had to love the way their skin looked and felt or they would never re-apply it. And yes we totally agree it even makes your skin look better with it on. (And what’s more it contains green tea which is a powerful natural anti-oxidant which is great for your skin.)

  25. Gigi I.

    This is an amazing product! I defentally recommend it. It makes my face look nice and feel great! It also adds some color to my face. Love it!!!

  26. willa

    Thank you! What is your favorite part of the magazine? What do you want to see in the next issue?xo

  27. Rigoberto Zaidi

    I love your writing style and the way you impart the information

  28. Laural

    This is my number one product. It feels like lotion and my skin feels so smooth afterward. AS it states face the day is truly genius.

  29. Ella

    I love this product!This so great its super smooth and doesn’t make your skin feel nasty and greasy so top recommended for me its a little lighter than my normal skin tone but its supposed to fit perfectly at normal skin tone girls!Ella

  30. willa

    We are happy you love our website! What is your favorite product?

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  32. Haley

    Perfect! It almost feels like putting on foundation because it feels so light and moussy. It also adds light coverage and makes my skin tone look more even. But a little goes a long way!

  33. Lily

    I love this! I wear it every day. It’s so soft and silky not sticky and gross. Thanks Willa!

  34. Lisa

    This is an excellent multi-tasking moisturizer! I mainly purchased it because it contains SPF. I use a mineral powder foundation and this works great as a makeup primer. Great job on creating such an amazing product that can be used by children, teenagers and adults!

  35. BRi

    This stuff is so great. My mom got it for me on amazon. It came within a few days. When i put it on my skin just absorbed it. It is light weight and doesn’t irritate skin like most sunscreen irritates mine. I also have noticed a lot of my sun caused spots to be fading. This is a must have!! My skin has also been less dry! I like how it is oil free so it doesn’t cause any acne like a lot of oily, greasy sunscreens.

  36. Zoe

    absolutely amazing!!!! I <3 this stuff!
    thank you willa!!

  37. Samantha Keen

    So nice! i am a sunscreen junkie but this one is my favorite!!!! i have tried $300+ but this is the sunscreen of 2012!!!! it is a must have!!!!!! i dont leave the house wihtout it!!!!!

  38. Audrey

    I really like this product because it’s tinted, so light, and the texture is really velvety. It’s the first product that ever made me look forward to wearing a sunblock!!! :)

  39. Hannah

    What I really love about this product is that it doesn’t feel greasy at all. It’s very fight and goes on skin easy! Also it’s tinted, so you don’t look like a ghost! Thank you Willa for making this product, it’s a real life saver!!

  40. kcs mom

    Bought this for my college age daughter who keeps her routine simple. Few products the better. The spf tint is smooth and non greasy. I am going to get one for me too.

  41. W's Mom

    Ok, so after continuing to “steal” willas’ Face the Day too many mornings in a row, I see I need my own. I cannot rave enough about the amazing silky feel of this product. I won’t name names, but this is easily replacing a more expensive tinted moisturizer that I previously swore by. :)

  42. LizL

    I LOVE this stuff! I’m an adult, so I know I’m not really the target audience, but this stuff is so great, I use it on myself (as well as 4-year old). The texture is brilliant, really silky smooth. It just glides on. And it looks so even and clean. I’m going to buy a ton more for the rest of the summer.

  43. Willis

    I love this product its very creamy and soft. It really works for me. I have very fair skin and it adds a tiny hint of color and a little shimmer!!

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active ingredients: Titanium Dioxide -10.35%, Zinc Oxide - 3.75% inactive ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, c12-15 alkyl benzoate, cyclomethicone, polyhydroxystearic acid, dimethicone crosspolymer, tribehenin, stearoxymethicone/dimethicone copolymer, methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, camellia sinensis leaf extract, palmitoyl hexapeptide-4, ethoxydiglycol, peg-10 dimethicone, dimethicone, polysilicone-11, aluminum stearate, alumina, isostearic acid, triethoxycaprylylsilane, iron oxides (ci 77491, ci 77492, ci 77499)


Apply liberally to face and neck to keep your skin healthy and happy. Repeat 365 days a year for a lifetime of radiant skin.

Smart Tip :
Start now. Up to 80% of lasting sun damage happens before you’re 18. Lather up: Few people use enough sunscreen to benefit fully from SPF potential for protection. When in doubt, use a little more – you’ll thank us later.