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face friendly clear face moisturizer
face friendly

clear moisturizer

1 fl. oz.

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A tall drink of water for thirsty skin, this clear face moisturizer is made with only the best natural ingredients: aloe for its healing properties, green tea and mango extract for a shot of anti-oxidant vitamin C and eucalyptus, an excellent all-around skin balancer. It absorbs on contact, won’t clog pores, and you’ll never have to fear a greasy shine – not a good look when all you’re looking for is you, only hydrated.

No junk in our trunk:

  • Paraben and sulfate free
  • DEA and phthalate free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made lovingly in the USA


  1. willa

    Yes you can contact us through the link at the bottom of our homepage. We look forward to hearing from you.xo

  2. m88 com

    Does your site have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating

  3. Lauren Sacco

    I love this cause its light weight and not thick at all its just like a serum thin and light weight! it lasts a very long time too!

    I have very sensitive dry skin

  4. willa

    willa is all about the best natural ingredients formulated to cleanse your skin without over-stripping. We are so happy you are loving willa…XO

  5. Klara

    I have the face wash which has made an incredible difference on my face and was wondering what this product does differently from the face wash

  6. zanotti shoes

    willa natural skincare for girls | face friendly clear face moisturizer with aloe, mango extract, Vitamin C

  7. willa

    Our face friendly clear moisturizer doesn’t have SPF. It is a super light, fragrance free hydrator that is part of our 3-step daily skincare regime. It should be followed by our face the day SPF 30–which is a natural sunscreen that will protect your skin and make it look great.xo

  8. willa

    Hi Rachel,
    We are so happy you love face friendly. Hydrating your skin shouldn’t require heavy oils and shiny skin and the clogged pores that can follow–which is why we created this amazing moisturizer.xo

  9. Rachel

    I have tried so many moisturizers, and this is the only one that never makes me break out! I love it!

  10. none

    Does this product have SPF in it??

  11. willa

    We find girls of all ages love willa–anyone with sensitive skin loves willa. So in terms of age we formulated for the specific skincare needs of teens but women in their 20s and 30s buy us too…So I guess that makes us ageless:-)
    Hope we get to visit Germany one day….Dying to visit Munich and Berlin.

  12. willa

    Our face friendly clear moisturizer will NOT clog your pores. It is oil free and super lightweight but hydrating. Wear it under makeup (but you most likely won’t need much if any with your skin looking so good.)

  13. Amy

    Can you still wear makeup when you are using this or will it clog up your pores

  14. Laura

    Hi willa. I haven’t try your products. I am 16 and i wanted to know for with age bracket are your products made.
    Greetings From Germany.

  15. willa

    HI Cayenne
    The moisturizer sold out (yes that amazing) but will be back in stock the end of March. We can’t wait too.xo

  16. cayennepepper

    Hi Willa! I would really like to try your moisturizer. When will it be back in stock?
    Thanks :)

  17. -A

    I tried the testing paper thing for the product and I loved it! But its out of stock. It has been a month since the time I checked… Please get it stocked its the best moisturizer EVER! :D

  18. willa

    Our friend Markus who shoots all our videos is from Zurich…so while he brings them home for family and friends, we haven’t expanded our distribution in Switzerland beyond his luggage…but we are working on it….xo

  19. Caterina

    Hi Willa

    Do you ship also to Switzerland oder Italy?
    Regards from Zurich.

  20. willa

    Yes we ship to Canada. Please send us information about where you review and we’ll see if there is a good fit.xo

  21. Chelsea

    Hi Willa! I would really love to do a review on this moisturizer and the foaming cleanser as well!

    Also, do you ship to Canada?

  22. willa

    Hi Abby
    We should be back in stock on Harrods…and you can also find us on xo

  23. Abigail

    Hi, I looked on Harrods and amazon but it has gone out of stock! Do you know when it will be available again? :) thanks! x

  24. willa

    Hi Abby,
    We don’t ship to the UK but you can find us at Harrods and will get willa to you. xo

  25. Abigail

    Hi! I love the look of your products, do you ship to the UK? :)

  26. willa

    We like how nice the face friendly clear face moisturizer looks bathroom sink and not sure it would look so cute if it was bigger. It should absolutely last at least a month. So happy you love it.xo

  27. lucy

    I wish this as bigger! I love the product so much and I use one pump morning and night, but it only lasts me about a month! PLEASE MAKE THIS LARGER, I LOVE IT TOO MUCH FOR IT TO RUN OUT QUICKLY!

  28. willa

    Our products are meant to be used everyday. And the face wash, moisturizer should last you at least a month. The lavender toilettes have a 30 count and are priced less expensive than other prestige brands. (And our face wash and moisturizer are too.) The body lotions last a month as well as the lip products so don’t worry! You’ll get a lot of use out of them.xo

  29. willa

    willa’s Start Fresh Foaming Face Wash bottle lasts about 6 weeks when used every day (2-3 pumps in morning and at night). The Face Friendly clear face moisturizer lasts about 6 weeks as well.

  30. Casey

    How long does a bottle last?


    I was wanting this for CHRISTmas but when I saw how little there was for the price, I was not so sure it would be a good thing to ask for. Can someone please tell me how long it lasts. Thank you.

  32. Laural

    I got the face friendly clear face moisturizer for my birthday and I love it. I also like the design because it looks girly yet mature.

  33. willa

    Hi we do have a twitter! You can find us on @mywilla on instagram, and twitter!


    Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.
    I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog aand look forward to new updates.

  35. Sophie

    This moisturizer is awesome! I love how it doesn’t feel greasy, and it doesn’t hurt my sensitive skin! After I use it my face feels a little bit stiff for a minute, and then it is SO SOFT! It’s the perfect match to your foaming face wash. Thanks!

  36. Willow

    Hi! Love your products! Have you ever thought about making shampoo? Just a thought… bye!

  37. Jannette

    This is the best product ever! However, when I first saw the size of the product, I was scared that it may not last for very long, but it has lasted me for about 4 or 5 months now and I spritz twice daily. Very light and refreshing!

  38. Zoe

    This is the best moisturizer i have ever used! its not thick or greasy, and after i put it on, my face feels so much clearer!

  39. Quinn

    I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS!! it is my favorite willa product because its so light and not thick and creamy like so many other moisturizers i’ve tried. It’s so nice, it feels like water on your skin! Thank you willa!

  40. jannatul rahamoni

    This moisturizer is kind of like skin serum.My skin type is Dry to combination,So it doesn’t work that much for me.But I tried on my hubby(lol;my ginipig) who has oily skin and it works well on his skin.I guess its good in summer time for me!

  41. K8 Ennis

    This stuff works so well I mean i could see a difference in my skin in days after Willa gave this to me! Works so well, this is a must buy!

  42. willa

    Thank you for understanding what Willa is all about…for 7, 17 or 27–taking care of your skin should be effortless and what you want to do…It is what we are all about. All my best Christy

  43. Nichole

    My 7 year old daughter enjoys using this so much after washing her face at night. She feels like a big girl and I feel good about getting her into the habit of taking care of her skin now. It’s never too early! Thank you!

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water(aqua), lavandula intermedia flower/leaf/stem water, glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, mangifera indica (mango) fruit extract, citrus nobilis (mandarin orange) fruit extract, zea mays (corn) silk extract, vitis vinifera (grape) seed extract, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, eucalyptus radiata flower/leaf/stem oil, xanthan gum, sodium phytate, sodium hydroxide, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol


Apply a couple pumps to clean face, massage in and get glowing. Use am/pm.

Smart TIp:
Slow it down: Stress can take its toll on your skin. It can activate acne breakouts and other problems, which is why it’s crucial to stay as positive as possible for healthy, beaming skin.