Leading Causes of Acne

We’re pretty sure no one enjoys acne. At some point, almost everyone will break out. The good news is that while many acne-causing factors exist, you can still avoid acne with the right information and care. From the foods you eat to environmental factors, there’s a variety of things that contribute to poor complexions, and knowing what they are and how to avoid them is key.

At willa, we focus on providing useful information and quality products to women ready to take charge of their skin and confidence. We select ingredients based on scientific research about their safety and performance, and use them to fight acne and promote smooth, radiant skin. Beyond the willa system, you may have to change some habits. Let’s take a look at the leading causes of acne and what you can do to prevent it.

Common Habits that Cause Acne

Though you may be washing your face daily, using facial cleaners and avoiding store-bought products that use harsh chemicals, some of these small habits may be contributing to your acne. When it comes to what causes acne, there are a few common habits that are often to blame. Take a look at them below:

  • Believe it or not, washing your face too much is actually a cause of acne. Many girls believe they need to thoroughly remove dirt from their face, but over-washing actually removes essential oils from your skin.
  • Using hair products too close to your forehead allows chemicals to reach your skin and cause pimples. When using gels or hairspray, make sure to keep it off your skin.
  • Your dirty cell phone screen can also be a contributor of acne, as oil and sweat from previous phone calls and texting can grow bacteria and return to your skin. Keep your phone screen clean at all times!

There are numerous habits that can cause acne, and many of them have to do with hygiene. Keep your bed sheets clean, and avoid using old towels or cloths when washing your face. Next, let’s find out what other factors may be contributing to acne breakouts.

What Causes Acne? More than You’d Expect!

When wondering exactly what causes acne, the answer isn’t always clear. Hormones, genetics, and stress can all be contributors, but many other factors exist. From harsh chemicals in store-bought products to the factors listed above, acne can be hard to avoid. Here are some additional causes of acne that are quite common:

  • Prescriptions: Some prescription drugs could be contributing to your breakouts. Birth control, prednisone and iodine can be culprits, although birth control clears up acne for some people. At your next physical, talk to your doctor about it.
  • Beauty Products: As mentioned, some beauty products, such as topical creams, lotions and makeups can clog pores and cause breakouts.
  • Diet: Though it’s heavily speculated, your diet may contribute to breakouts. Sugary and starchy foods can cause your blood sugar level to spike, which causes your skin to release oil into pores, potentially causing breakouts.

Fend Off Acne with willa!

When determining what causes acne, the causes vary greatly. While hormones play a large role in rough skin and breakouts, your beauty products, diet, medications and much more could actually be the main culprits. Whichever the case, the smart and effective products we carry at willa are sure to help replenish skin and fight acne.

Ready to rid your face of acne and attain a beautiful complexion? Check out our selection of skincare products here. You can also contact willa with any questions and comments.