Ways to Manage Teen Acne

Almost everyone has to deal with acne breakouts as a teenager. While this can be distressing for young women especially, there are ways for you to prevent and manage your acne breakouts. Unfortunately, many of the over-the-counter acne medications can be more harmful than effective. In fact, some acne treatments contain harmful chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer!

There is a way to treat and prevent your acne in a healthy manner. With willa skincare products, your acne can be treated without the aid of these harmful chemicals. We thought we would share some secrets on managing teen acne in a safer way.

Cut Out Harmful Habits

An easy way to prevent acne from breaking out is to stop doing things that cause acne. Acne forms when your pores get clogged, causing bacteria to form and feed off the oils on your skin and, whether you are aware of it or not, odds are you touch your face occasionally throughout the day. When you do this, the oils from your hands get rubbed off onto your face, which can block your pores. Stop touching your face and you will likely reduce your acne problem.

Another bad habit to break is touching your phone to your face. Since your phone is in contact with your hands all day, from texting and browsing the web, oils can build up on your screen. When you answer you phone, these same oils get wiped on your cheek, which can also cause major breakouts.

Change Your Diet

Many people seemingly think they can eat whatever they want and it won’t affect their skin in the least. This is not true, however, and many of the foods you eat could actually be contributing to your breakouts. Eating healthy foods can make you healthier overall, including your skin.

Cut out greasy, fatty and sugary foods as these are all believed to cause acne breakouts. Fruits and vegetables are incredibly good for your skin and can help prevent acne from forming. Instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips, grab an apple instead and you may soon notice a difference in your acne! Also, stay hydrated.

Wash Your Face

Since acne develops when your pores are clogged, it’s important to wash your face often to keep them clear. willa’s three-step acne care process helps clear out your pores and remove dirt and oil so they don’t clog and cause acne breakouts.

If you have an acne problem, our products can help clear up your skin quickly and effectively. You can view our online store here to check out our long line of safer skincare and cosmetic products.