Foods That Cause Acne

Many of the factors involved in acne breakouts are beyond our control. From genetics to pollution, there are many factors that contribute to acne. However, some factors you can control. For example, many foods we eat can cause acne breakouts or make them worse. As for what to eat and not eat, there are as many differing opinions as there are types of food. Fortunately, there are some scientifically-verified culprits.

Here at willa, we believe that a smart and healthy approach is the best way to combat acne. This is why all of our products are made with safer, clean ingredients and also why we recommend taking care of your body from the inside out so you look and feel great.


Bad news, ice cream lovers. Dairy may cause acne breakouts. Our skin reflects any hormonal or intestinal imbalances and is constantly trying to purge impurities from the body. So those with persistent acne should eat less red meat, sugar, processed food and dairy.


For years, chocolate was blamed for acne breakouts. However, it isn’t cocoa that causes these outbreaks, but the high concentration of sugar. Refined sugar is a pro-inflammatory, which makes it easier for bacteria in your pores to grow and cause pimples to form. As if you needed another reason to give up sugar, the fact it can cause acne makes giving up the sweet stuff that much easier.


Sodium is essential for our bodies, however, too much salt can make your skin the perfect home for acne causing bacteria. Salt can dehydrate your skin and can even cause it to swell. This makes acne that’s already present that much hard to get rid of. You can use moisturizers to help nourish your skin, but we recommend you cut back on your salt intake.

Fatty Oils

Chips, french fries, and other foods cooked in fatty oils can contribute to breakouts. To avoid them, limit your consumption of oils like corn, canola and even safflower. An alternative to these oils is olive oil or the ever-popular coconut oil for cooking.

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