Promote High Self Esteem: Clear and Acne-Free Skin

It’s no secret: clear and clean skin works wonders for self-esteem. Glowing, blemish-free skin can be a great boost of confidence: you can go to school or work without worrying about what others think, and post away with #nofilter. At willa, we believe that natural beauty doesn’t mean “perfect”, it means “healthy.” Whether it’s changing lifestyle habits, eating right, or using the right products for your skin, there are plenty of ways to promote healthy skin, which in turn will boost self esteem and help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

willa was created to inform girls about dangerous cosmetic ingredients and empower them to try something new, different, and much healthier. Most importantly, our goal is to provide girls with effective and safer skincare products to promote healthy skin and high self esteem. We know how difficult it can be to deal with a poor complexion, and we’re here to help you fight acne and feel great about the skin you’re in.

Clear Skin and High Self Esteem

It may seem obvious, but researchers have found that regular skincare and achieving beautiful skin has a large psychological impact. Simply put, a clear face promotes high self esteem. Whether you notice it or not, having perfect skin will make you feel more comfortable in social situations, which can be quite important to teen girls in junior high and high school.

Similarly, skin conditions and breakouts often cause a drop in self esteem, as everyone struggles with the appearance of a rough complexion. So, by properly caring for your skin, you’ll not only achieve clearer skin, but you’ll also achieve a clearer mind. It’s a fact: skin issues lower our self-confidence. However, there are plenty of ways to promote perfect skin, and in turn, you’ll gain high self esteem and feel great walking out the door each day.

Skincare for High Self Esteem

Whether it’s school pictures or an upcoming dance, high self esteem is often necessary to feel comfortable. Regardless of an upcoming event, every girl desires healthy skin and self-confidence. To achieve both, proper skincare is a must. From lifestyle changes to using the right products, you can boost your self esteem in many ways. Try the tips below:

  • Change Your Diet: Your diet plays a role in the condition of your skin. Whole wheat, plenty of water, green tea and blueberries are just a few things you can add to your diet to promote clear skin.
  • Drop Bad Habits: Gritty exfoliators, over cleansing and touching breakouts are all habits you should avoid, but there’s much more.
  • Use Natural Products: Possibly the best practice, you need to find products that are right for your skin. You can start by checking out willa’s natural skincare products.

Maintain High Self Esteem with willa

We’ll say it again: clear and beautiful skin can work wonders for your self-confidence. Every girl wants to get up in the morning feeling great about their skin. High self esteem improves how we feel in daily life, not to mention how we feel throughout the school day. By eating right, avoiding bad habits and using healthy skincare products, you can boost your self esteem and maintain perfect skin—it all starts at home.

Take a look at willa’s wide selection of smart skincare products to start improving your self esteem today. Of course, you can always contact us with any questions or comments.