Benefits of Putting Cucumber on Eyes: Does it Work?

Whether it’s in commercials, in the magazines or online, we’re sure you’ve seen an image of a woman with cucumber on her eyes. This well-known beauty tip has been seen for years, but are there actually any benefits of placing cucumber on eyes? The simple answer is yes, but the use of cucumber for skincare goes much further than that. In fact, cucumbers present quite a few advantages to the quality of your skin. So, if you’d like beautiful and clear skin, as any girl would, you might consider trying this timeless trick.

If you’re struggling to get clear skin, you may often try anything to achieve a great complexion. We don’t know who first thought of putting slices of fruits or vegetables on our faces, but the cucumber trick has been around for a long time. At willa, we strive to provide teen girls and young women with the products and information to promote healthy and clear skin. We know the importance of clear skin and we’d love to help you achieve just that. So what’s the connection between healthy skin and cucumbers?

Cucumber on Eyes: What Does it Do?

Imagine that all-so-familiar scene of a woman lying comfortably in her robe, feet up and cucumber on eyes. We’ve all seen it before, and we’ve all probably wondered, “Does that really do something for your eyes? Your Skin? Actually, it does. Cucumbers contain anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in treating puffy eyes.

This is because the skin around your eyes is thinner than most other areas of your body. This makes this area vulnerable to damage. Whether it’s from swelling or stretching, the skin around your eyes will develop fine lines and wrinkles over time. That’s where cucumbers come in. Consisting mostly of water, a cold cucumber from the fridge can work wonders for that thin skin. Placing cucumber on the eyes hydrates the skin and the cold temps reduce blood flow in the area. As a result, it reduces the puffiness around your eyes.

Cucumber on Eyes? Try Cucumber on your Skin!

While placing slices of cucumber on your eyes helps relieve puffiness, as well as revitalizes the skin, it also can reduce the dark circles we get under our eyes, as cucumbers mildly lighten skin. That’s not the only beneficial use of cucumbers in skin care. Cucumbers are actually used in a number of beauty products, as they leave the skin firm and are great for improving complexion. Whether you directly place cucumber on your eyes or use a cucumber-containing product, the advantages are clear.

The Many Benefits of Cucumbers

Whether you place cucumber on eyes or use a product that contains the beneficial fruit, there are many benefits. We’ve discussed a few benefits of placing cucumber on your eyes, but you can actually use cucumber in its raw form for a variety of skin treatments. In general, cucumbers are quite beneficial. Just take a look at the list below:

  • Cucumbers present immediate relief to sunburn.
  • When mixed with lemon, honey or aloe vera, cucumber can tighten pores.
  • You can apply it as a facial mask, misked with lemon juice, to rejuvenate your skin.
  • The vitamin E and potassium in cucumbers can reduce lines and prevent wrinkles.

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