Main Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin can be irritating to live with and hard to treat, because there are many factors that can cause it. Usually, dry skin is not serious and can be treated easily. However, there are several skin conditions that require more extensive treatment methods.

Here at willa, we are well versed in skincare techniques that can help alleviate the irritation caused by dry skin. To help inform and educate our customers and consultants, we thought we would share the main causes of dry skin and the best ways to treat these conditions.

Causes of Dry Skin

As mentioned above, there are many causes of dry skin, some of which are more serious than others. Eczema, for example, can be caused by a number of different factors. This common skin condition can be the result of an allergic reaction, but it could also be a genetic issue.

Another common cause of dry skin is what is referred to as winter dryness. When temperatures drop, we typically turn on the heater or furnace. While this keeps our bodies at a comfortable temperature, it can also cause the skin to dry out. Additionally, as humidity levels drop, your skin needs increased moisture levels.

Your shower routine can also play a huge role in how dry your skin is. In fact, although we all love steaming hot showers, they can cause our skin to dry out much faster. Often times we scrub our skin too much, which can cause it to become irritated and dry out. Using the right soap and getting rid of your shower luffa can help you avoid the issues related to dry skin.

Dry Skin Treatments

Although there are many factors that can cause dry skin, there are also many ways to combat the problem. Moisturizer is one of the must-have necessities to help keep your skin properly nourished. Not all moisturizers are effective at treating dry skin, however.

To combat your dry skin problem you will want to find a lotion-like moisturizer to follow with an oil. We recommend our zero shine mattifying moisturizer followed by skin elixir deep moisture face oil. You should keep your skin moisturized often, even if you don’t feel like your skin is dry. At a minimum, moisturize after each cleansing.

For more serious dry skin conditions, like eczema, specialized products are usually required. Steroid cream is often required as well as antifungal products in severe cases, so consult your dermatologist for more serious dry skin conditions.

Treat Your Dry Skin with willa

Dry skin can be a nuisance, but there are ways to combat the main causes of dry skin safely and effectively. All of our products here at willa are healthy and effective at treating a variety of skin conditions.

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